Could Orthodontics Help My Smile?
By Pacific Dental Care
July 19, 2018
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Orthodontic treatment helps patients who have alignment and spacing issues. It also helps people who have bite problems, like crossbites orthodonticsand other malocclusions. Though this treatment is more commonly recommended for children, one in five patients are adults according to the American Association of Orthodontists. Let an orthodontist at Pacific Dental Care in Rosamond, West Palmdale, Lancaster, or East Palmdale, CA, help realign your smile.

About Orthodontics
The goal of orthodontic medicine is to move the teeth using custom-designed oral appliances called braces. These devices put pressure on the teeth over a period of time--usually one to three years. These are some of the most common orthodontic problems:

- Gaps caused by teeth that are too small, or that have shifted out of their original position.
- Crowding of the front teeth.
- Extra teeth (usually appear on top of the gumline).
- Teeth that protrude unnaturally.

How an Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Your Smile
Most patients seek orthodontic care so that they can cosmetically improve their smiles, but there are other benefits to consider. For instance, patients who have jaw pain due to TMJ disorder may get relief after an orthodontic treatment. Bite adjustments can also help improve the way that you chew your food. Also, when your teeth look better you'll have more of a reason to make dental hygiene a top priority and see your Rosamond, West Palmdale, Lancaster, or East Palmdale orthodontist for checkups and necessary treatments.

Your Orthodontic Options
You and your dentist will consider several different options for your orthodontic care when you visit for your initial consultation. Not every patient will be a candidate for every available option depending on the severity of their dental problems. These are the possibilities you’ll explore:

- Traditional metal braces (recommended for young children).
- Ceramic braces (similar to metal but less conspicuous).
- Lingual braces (placed behind the teeth instead of in front).
- Invisalign clear aligners (best for minor orthodontic problems and available to older teens and adults).

Go in for a Consultation
You should be proud of how your teeth look and feel. An orthodontic treatment may be the best thing for your smile. Call today to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist at Pacific Dental Care in Rosamond, West Palmdale, Lancaster, or East Palmdale, CA.