Discover the Benefits of Teeth Whitening
By Pacific Dental Care
May 23, 2018
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Teeth WhiteningFind out how professional whitening could provide you with the confidence you want.

Have years of coffee drinking led you down the path to a yellowing, lifeless smile? Perhaps it’s just the natural effects of aging that are taking their toll on the color of your teeth. Whatever the case might be, our Palmdale, Lancaster, and Rosamond, CA, dentists are here to tell you that you don’t have to just put up with it. Fight back with professional teeth whitening.

Here in Palmdale, Lancaster, and Rosamond, our cosmetic dentist knows that if you want to get dazzling smile results that you can’t get from over-the-counter whitening gels then you will want to turn to professional dentistry. Here are some of the benefits of in-office whitening.

Fast Results

If you are tired of using at-home whitening night after night just waiting to see an inkling of a result, then it’s time to put down those awkward whitening trays and that weak whitening gel and turn to professional whitening to give you the results you really want. Depending on the severity of your stains, we could get your smile several shades whiter in just a single one-hour session.

Even, Uniformed Whitening

The whitening kits you get from your local drugstore offer a one-size-fits-most approach to whitening trays and the same strength of whitening gel, which doesn’t specifically cater to your individual needs and goals. Sure, one person may get great results from at-home whitening but because these whitening trays aren’t designed to fit perfectly over your teeth this could lead to uneven or only partial whitening. In our office, the whitening gel is painted evenly over the teeth to ensure that you get even and perfect results.

Tough on Stains

The whitening gels that are found in at-home whitening kits aren’t often powerful enough to tackle those more tough, set-in stains. That’s okay; our whitening gel is more than powerful enough to break up stain molecules living within the enamel and dentin layers, and often in just one whitening treatment.

Safe, Monitored Treatment

Sometimes tooth sensitivity arises with teeth whitening treatment. When you are whitening at home there really isn’t much you can do. Plus, you might not realize that you could be whitening incorrectly, which could increase the severity of your sensitivity. Instead, turn to a dentist like ours who has been specially trained to whiten teeth safely and effectively while also minimizing tooth sensitivity.

If you are ready to find out whether or not professional teeth whitening is the best approach for getting your smile back on track then it’s time to call the cosmetic dentistry experts at Pacific Dental Care. We offer four locations in West Palmdale, East Palmdale, Lancaster, and Rosamond, CA, to serve you better.