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By Pacific Dental Care
December 30, 2020
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In an ideal world, our teeth would last forever. But damage due to trauma or decay can make that ambition an unlikely one. Thankfully, via a variety of treatments, your dentist can restore your smile. A lot of these treatments depend on dental crowns to give your teeth back their appearance and function. You can learn a lot more by contacting the professionals of Pacific Dental Care, who service the areas of Rosamond, West Palmdale, Lancaster, and East Palmdale, CA.

Protecting Your Tooth

Crowns are made to look like the tooth they are replacing, often improving on the original's appearance. They are in essence protective caps for your teeth, often made of porcelain, but your dentist can best advise you on the most appropriate type of material for your case.

A tooth may need the protection that a dental crown provides after the trauma has compromised the outer enamel layer. Crowns are also applied after a root canal treatment, where the nerves inside the tooth are removed and their connections down the roots severed to eliminate chances of infection and pain. A crown is necessary because so much of your tooth is removed to achieve the treatment.

Replacing Your Tooth

If you are missing a tooth your dentist will recommend filling this gap to prevent the other teeth from shifting and causing further problems.

The type of treatment will vary depending on several factors, but dental crowns will be a key component of the procedure.

Bridgework uses the teeth adjacent to the gap as support for the crown that replaces your missing tooth. It requires that these other teeth be reshaped so that they too will accept a crown. Dental implants do not, but the entire procedure does need a larger investment of time. A dental implant is a titanium post that is implanted onto your jaw, and the bone heals around it, making for a very strong bond. Once the implant is attached, an abutment that will hold your new crown in place.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Rosamond, West Palmdale, Lancaster, and East Palmdale, CA

Dental crowns protect teeth that have somehow become compromised, and just as importantly, they return to you your smile when in conjunction with some of the treatments available to you at Pacific Dental Care. Make an appointment today, dial (661)256-2500 for the Rosamond, CA, office, (661) 267-5700 for West Palmdale, CA, (661) 948-8187 for Lancaster, CA, and (661) 285-8600 for East Palmdale, CA.